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Sussex County Delaware 

Sussex County is the southernmost county of Delaware, and has an area of about nine hundred and fifty square miles. It is bounded on the north by Kent County and Delaware Bay, on the south by Maryland, on the east by Delaware Bay and Atlantic Ocean, on the west by Maryland and Kent County. It is drained by the Mispillion Creek, Cedar Creek, Prime Hook Creek, Beaver Dam Creek, Cool Spring Creek, Love Creek, Middle Creek, Miry Creek, Farry's Creek, Indian River, Irons' Creek, Pepper Creek, Turkey Creek, Herring Creek, Assawaman Bay, Pocomoke River, Sheals' Creek, Gray's Creek, Broad Creek, Coal Creek, Tussocky Creek, Little Creek, Nanticoke River, Deep Creek, Gum Creek, Gravelly Creek, Clear Creek, St. John's Creek, Marshy Hope Creek and the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The surface is nearly level, and a large part of it is covered with forests. The soil is mostly fertile, the staple products being com, wheat, cattle, pork, lumber and potatoes. The county is intersected by the Delaware Railroad and the Junction and Breakwater Railroad, and contains thirteen hundreds as follows: The town of Georgetown, in Georgetown Hundred, is the county-seat. Read more...

Sussex Hundred

Baltimore Broad Creek Broadkiln
Cedar Creek Dagsborough Georgetown
Gumborough Indian River Lewis & Rehoboth
Little Creek  Nanticoke Northwest Fork
.. Seaford ..

Town of Milton, Broadkiln Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware
Town of Lewes, Lewis & Rehoboth Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware
Town of Seaford, Seaford Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware
Georgetown, Georgetown Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware
Town of Laurel Nanticoke Hundred Delaware

Assessment Roll, Baltimore Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware
Assessment Roll, Broad Creek Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware
Assessment Roll, Broadkiln Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware
Assessment Roll, Northwest Fork Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware

List of Taxable, Lewis, Rehoboth Hundred Sussex County Delaware
List of Taxable, Indian River Hundred Sussex County Delaware
List of Taxable, Georgetown Hundred Sussex County Delaware

Sussex County Almshouse
Sussex County Delaware ~ Prothonotaries and Recorders
Sussex County Delaware ~ Registers Chancery and Orphans' Court
Sussex County Delaware ~ Sheriffs and Coroners
Sussex County Delaware ~ Clerks of Peace ~ Dedimus Potestatem
Sussex County Delaware ~ Justices of the Peace
Sussex County Delaware ~ Notaries and Tabelion Public
Sussex County Delaware ~ Levy Court and Treasurers

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Source: History of Delaware, 1609-1888, Volume I, by J. Thomas Scharf, L. J. Richards & Company, Philadelphia, 1888.

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