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Sussex County Delaware ~ Registers Chancery and Orphans' Court

The first registers of wills were termed deputy registers under the three counties.

Nehemiah Field was appointed clerk of the Orphans' Court and deputy register in 1682, and continued until April 7, 1705, when Roger Corbett was appointed. On the 9th of August, 1705, John Hill, Luke Watson and Thomas Fenwick, were appointed deputy registers, and April 7, 1708, John Hill, Jeremiah Bailey and Philip Russell were appointed.

Roger Corbett served as clerk of the registers until 1717, when Preserved Coggeshall was appointed register. His successors are as follows:


Philip Russell, 1722
Jacob Kollock, 1724
Philips Kollock, 1770
George Hazzard, 1795
Philips Kollock, 1801
Nathan Vickars, Nov. 6, 1820
Cornelius Paynter, Nov. 9, 1830
David R. Smith, Nov. 10, 1836
Peter Parker, Nov. 12, 1840
Henry Dunning, Nov. 28, 1845
William Dunning, Apr. 14, 1846
James Anderson, Apr. 18, 1851
John Sorden, Apr. 19, 1856
John W. Scribner, Apr. 19, 1861
Hiram S. Short, Apr. 21, 1866
Major W. Allen, June 20. 1866
Loxley R. Jacobs July 26, 1871
Wm. H. Wheatley, July 26, 1876
William A. Polk, July 26. 1881
William A. Polk, July 26, 1886

Registers of the Court of Chancery and Clerks of the Orphans' Court

The office was filled by the clerk of the peace for many years, and was the officer of all the courts.

Philip Kollock, 1773
Kendall Batson, 1797
Wm. Hazzard, 1800
James L. Baylies, 1805
John Stockley, 1821
George B. Rodney. 1826
Edwin L. Wells, 1830
John D. Rodney, Jan. 18, 1847
James Stewart, Jan. 8, 1852
Issac F. Jenkins, Jan. 19, 1857
Thomas Robinson, Jan. 6, 1861
Hiram T. Downing, Jan. 1866
Hiram T. Downing, Nov. 30, 1870
Philip C. Pennell Nov. 30, 1875
Philip C. Pennell, Nov. 30, 1880
Charles W. Whiley, Jr. Nov., 1886

Sussex County

Source: History of Delaware, 1609-1888, Volume I, by J. Thomas Scharf, L. J. Richards & Company, Philadelphia, 1888.

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