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Assessment Roll of Baltimore Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware 1785

All the lands taken up in Maryland patents were resurveyed by the surveyors of Penn's government in 1776. The following names are from the Assessment Roll of Baltimore Hundred in 1785, and show the land owners at that time:

Aydelott, Benj
Aydelott, James
Aydelott, John
Aydelott, Levin
Aydelott, Mary
Aydelott, Mathias
Aydelott, Samuel
Atkins, Daniel

Backworth, John
Banks, Jacob
Barker, Richard
Batson, Thomas, Esq.
Bell, Wm
Betterworth, Wm
Black, Adam
Bridwell, Elihu
Bull, Daniel
Burton, Jonathan

Campbell, John
Campbell, Wm
Christopher, Benj
Clark, Levin
Clark, Sally
Coffin, Comfort
Coffin, Cornelius
Coffin, Neticha
Coffin, Thomas
Coffin, Wm
Collaway, Betty
Collins, Elizabeth
Collins, Levi
Collins, Noah
Connor, Ratcliff
Cord, Rhoda
Cord, Shilna
Cord, Wm
Cropper, Wm,

Dazey Thomas
Dazey, John
Dazey, Jonathan
Dazey, Moses
Dazey, Sarah
Dazey, Thomas
Dennis, John
Derrickson, Andreas
Derrickson, George
Derrickson, Job
Derrickson, Levin
Derrickson, Mary
Derrickson, Samuel
Derrickson, Solomon

Esham, John
Evans, Ebenezer
Evans, Ebenezer
Evans, Eli
Evans, Elisha
Evans, Hannah
Evans, Isaac
Evans, Jacob
Evans, Jesse
Evans, John (miller)
Evans, John, Jr
Evans, John, Sr
Evans, Solomon
Evans, Thomas,
Evans, Wm (of James)
Evans, Wm B
Evans, Wm, Sr
Evenas, John

Fassett, Elijah
Fassett, James
Fire, George
Fire, Isaac
Fisher, James
Fisher, Stephen
Foster, John
Freeman, Joseph

Gibbons, John
Gibbons, Jonathan
Gibbs, Isabella
Godwin, Mary
Godwin, Thomas
Gray, Jesse
Gray, Mary
Gray, Thomas
Gray, Wm

Hall, Wm
Hall, Wm
Hancock, Frederick
Harney, James
Harney, Jonathan
Harney, Joshua
Harney, Mills
Harney, Thomas, Jr
Hatfield, Wm
Hayward, George
Hayward, Nehemiah
Hazzard, John
Hickman, Bayley
Hickman, Richard
Hickman, Selby
Hill, Elizabeth
Hill, George
Hill, John S
Hill, Levin
Hill, Rittenhouse
Hills, Rebecca
Hitchens, Edward
Hitchens, Isaac
Hitchins, Edward Sr,
Hitchins, Wm
Holland, Benjamin
Holland, Elizabeth
Holland, Israel
Holloway, John
Hudson, David
Hudson, Hezekiah
Hudson, Jacquet
Hudson, John
Hudson, Lot
Hudson, Miles
Hudson, Schofield
Hudson, Selby
Hutchinson, Wm

Irons, Jacob
Irons, Lemuel

Jacobs, Jacob
Jacobs, John
Johnson, Abagall
Johnson, David
Johnson, Elisha
Johnson, Isaac
Johnson, John
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Purnal
Johnson, Rachel
Johnson, Wm
Johnson, Wm
Jones, John, Esq
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Thomas

Killian, Henry
Knock, Solomon

Laton, Harry
Laughinghouse, Wm
Lawrence, Henry
Laws, Obediah
Linch, John
Linch, Levi
Lockwood, Mary
Lockwood, Richard W
Lockwood, Wm
Long, Benj

Maddox, Lazarus
Marratt, David
Marratt, James
Marratt, James
Massey, John, Jr
Massey, John, Sr
Massey, Sarah
Massey, Wm
McCabe, Arthur
McCabe, John, Jr
McCabe, John, Sr
McCabe, Obediah
McGee, Thomas
Mifflin, Daniel
Miller, Barsheba
Miller, James
Morgan, Avery
Morris, Wm

Nichols, Charles

Onions, Ayres
Onions, Pearson

Perry, Cornelius
Ponders, Powell
Ponders, Wm
Powell, Nancy
Powell, Wm
Pratt, Bayley
Purnell, Thomas
Purnell, Walter

Quillen, Clement

Richards, Annanias
Richards, Caleb
Richards, Elias
Richards, Elijah
Richards, Elisha
Richards, John
Richards, Jones
Richards, Wm C N
Richards, Wm, W S
Roberts, Betty, widow
Roberts, John, Jr,
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts, Saunders
Roberts, Wm
Robinson, Cornelius
Robinson, John
Robinson, Joseph
Robinson, Mary, widow
Robinson, Mary
Rogers, Agnes
Rogers, America
Rogers, Jacob
Rogers, Matthew
Rogers, Solomon, Sr
Rogers, Solomon
Russell, Levi

Selby, Thomas
Smallwood, Levi
Smallwood, Solomon
Smith, Henry, Br
Smith, Walter

Taylor, John
Taylor, Joshua
Taylor, Truman
Taylor, Wm
Tingle, Anthony
Tingle, John
Tingle, William
Townsend, Jabez
Townsend, Littleton
Townsend, Luke
Townsend, Wm
Townsend, Wm
Truitt, Collins
Tunnel, Scarborough
Tunnell, Elizabeth
Tysey, George

Verdimar, Christopher
Verdimar, Henry
Vigrous, Price

Walker, George
Walker, Hampton
Waller, Thomas
West, Caleb
West, Elijah
West, John
West, Nathaniel
West, Reuben
West, Robert
West, Thomas
West, Wm
Wharton, Charles
Wharton, Daniel
Wharton, David
Wharton, Ell
Wharton, Francis
Wharton, Harney
Wharton, Isaiah
Wharton, Jonathan
Wharton, Joseph
Wharton, Joseph
Wharton, Mary
Wharton, Watson
Wigott, John
Wildgoose, Joseph
Wildgoose, Robert
Wildgoose, Thomas
Wilkins, Joseph
Wilkins, Thomas
Wilkins, Wm
Williams, Andrew, Sr
Williams, Andrew
Williams, Arthur
Williams, Esekiel
Williamson, Samuel

Sussex County

Source: History of Delaware, 1609-1888, Volume I, by J. Thomas Scharf, L. J. Richards & Company, Philadelphia, 1888.

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