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List of Taxable, Lewis & Rehoboth Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware 1785

Adams, John
Arnold, William
Bailey, Joseph
Bailey, Nathaniel
Bailey, William
Baird, Humphrey
Bignal, Joseph
Bignal, William
Bowman, John
Brill, Joshua
Brocton, William
Bruce, Alexander
Bryan, Jonathan
Caddy, John
Cameron, Andrew
Chambers, James
Charles, Esau
Charles, James
Coffin, William
Coleman, William
Conally, Francis
Conner, Daniel
Coulker, Calvin
Coulter, Thomas
Coulter, William
Craig, Edward
Craig, John
Darby, Joseph
Davis, John
Diper, Joseph
Dodd, Hebron
Dodd William
Drain, Caldwell
Drain, John
Edwards, Simon
Emmit, Levin
Emmit, Samuel
Fisher, Henry
Fisher, Jabes
Fisher, John
Fisher, Joshua
Fisher, Thomas
Fisher, William
Fleming, Archibald
Gill, William
Gordon, Nathaniel
Gordon, Thomas
Green, Ambrose
Green, Richard
Hall, Adam
Hall, Simon
Hall, Thomas
Hall, William
Halls, David
Harmonson, John
Harmonson, Peter
Hart, Jacob
Hazzard, Nathan
Hazzard, Uriah
Holland, Hannah
Holland, Isaac
Holland, William
Howard, Richard
Irwin, Brindley
Jackson, John
Jacobs, Alburtus
Jacobs, Sarah
Jacobs, William
Jeffries, William
Jones, Penalope
Killem, Henry
Kollock, Hercules
Kollock, Jacob
Kollock, Margaret
Kollock, Phillip
Lawes, Noble
Lawes, William
Lewis, Wrixham
Little, John
Little, Nicholas
Little, Richard
Marsh, John
Marsh, Thomas
Marshall, Aaron
Marshall, John
Martin, Elizabeth
Martin, James
Martin, Josiah
Massey, Robert
Maull, John
Maull, William
McCracken, John
MeHam, Thomas
Miller, Josiah
Moore, Jacob
Morris, Levi
Murphy, Daniel
Neill, Henry
Newbold, James
Newbold, William
Newman, William
Nunez, Hannah
Oakey, Robert
Oakey, Saunders
Oakey, Thomas
Oliver, Charles
Orr, John
Prettyman, Sheppard
Paynter, Samuel
Prettyman, John
Parker, Peter
Parker, Anderson
Pride, Suthy
Peters, Abigail
Paynter, Reece
Parker, George
Parsons, John
Paynter, Cornelius
Rowland, Samuel
Rowland, Thomas
Rodney, John
Russell, John
Riccords, Lovin
Riccords, Thomas
Rhoads, John
Russell, Philip
Roach, Levi
Roach, William
Riccords, Thomas
Still, William
Stockley, William
Shankland, David
Shield, Luke
Shankland, Rhoads
Stockley, Jacob
Stevenson, David
Steel, William
Stockley, Elizabeth
Shankland, Robert
Steel, John
Train, David
Thompson, James
Thompson, Samuel
Turner, Isaac
Thomson, William
Triglahan, Philip
Turner, John
Vint, James
Virdin, Marriner
Waves, William
Wirt, William
Wiltbank, Robert John
Wiltbank, George
White, Wrixham
Woolf, Reece
Woolf, John
Woolf, Jonathan
Walker, Thomas
Wright, Peter
White, Issac
White, William
Wirtley, John
Wyatt, Packer
White, Peter
Wright, Thomas
White, Newcomb
West, Thomas
Wiltbank, Cornelius
White, John
White, Paul
Walker, Jacob
Wilson, Thomas
Walker, George
Wiles, Robert

In the course of the next thirty years there was a large influx of people into the hundred, and many families located whose descendants still remain. A List of Taxables in 1813 embraced the names of the following:1

Arnold, John
Arnold, Wm
Arnold, Wm G
Art, Bailey
Art, Jacob (Heirs)
Art, James
Atkins, Bagwell
Bailey, James
Bailey, Nathaniel
Bailey, Wm
Baker, John
Ball, James
Ball, Joshua
Barker, Samuel
Batson, Randall
Beeby, Richard
Bell, Thomas
Bowman, James
Bowman, John
Bowman, Sandrus
Breveton, Henry
Breveton, James
Breveton, Robert
Breveton, Thomas
Brown, Greensbury
Bruce, Paris
Burton, Alburtus
Burton, Anthony
Burton, Daniel
Burton, Joshua
Bushnell, Wm
Cannon, Arcady
Canwell, Jacob
Carey, John
Carey, Joseph
Carpenter, James
Casey, John
Clampett, Klook
Clifton, Asa
Clifton, Daniel
Clifton, James
Clifton, W
Clifton, Wellington
Clouse, Isaac
Coleman, Thomas
Coleman, Wm
Cope, Joseph
Coulter, Jesse
Coulter, Robert
Cummins, Solomon
Davies, Samuel
Derwan, John
Dodd, Wm
Dorman, John
Edwards, Simon, Jr
Edwards, Simon
Edwards, Wm
Field, Mary
Frank, Cato
Futcher, Wm
Ganoe, John
Gordon, David
Gordon, James
Gordon, Jonathan
Green, Alburtis
Hall, Abraham
Hall, Col David
Hall, David
Hall, Henry
Hall, Joshua
Hall, Peter
Hall, Thomas
Harges, Levi
Harminson, Thomas
Harris, Mathus
Harris, William
Hazzard, David
Hebson, Leah,
Heckman, Selby
Hickman, George (store)
Hill, George
Hill, John
Hirges, Jacob
Holland, Albertus
Holland, Benjamin
Holland, Comfort
Holland, David
Holland, James J
Holland, James
Holland, John
Holland, John
Holland, Robert
Holland, William
Hood, John
Hopkins, William
Houston, Liston (heirs)
Howard, Richard
Howard, Robert
Howard, Thomas
Hudson, Anderson
Hudson, Breston
Hudson, Samuel
Jacobs, George
Jeffris, Saoob
Johnson, David
Johnson, Purner
Johnson, William
King, Hugh
Kolloch, London
Kolloch, Philip
Kolloch, Samuel
Kolloch, Solomon
Lacy, Robert
Lacy, Zadock B
Lamb, Luke
Lank, William
Lessley, James
Lewis, Jacob
Lewis, William (shoemaker)
Lintner, Jacob
Little, John
Long, Armwell
Long, Hester
Long, James
Marah, Matthew
Marriner, John
Marriner, Sarah
Marsh, Dr Joseph
Marsh, James
Marsh, John
Marsh, Mary
Marsh, Susan
Marsh, Thomas
Marsh, Thomas
Marshall, Aaron
Marshall, William
Martin, John
Maull, John, Jr
Maull, John
Maull, Peter
McAlister, Daniel
McCracken, Gilbert
McCullen, Charles
McIlvain, Benjamin
McIlvain, James
McIlvain, John
McIlvain, Mills
McMain, John
Milbey, John
Milbey, Peter
Miles, John S
Moore, George
Mustard, David
Mustard, John
Mustard, John
Newbold, James
Newcomb, Patience
Newcomb, Wm
Nicholson, James
Oakey, Jonathan
Oakey, Robert
Oakey, Wm
Orr, David
Orr, John
Orr, Wm
Parker, George (store)
Parker, John
Parsons, Eli
Parsons, Robert
Paynter, Cornelius
Paynter, Daniel*
Paynter, Hector
Paynter, John
Paynter, Meritta
Paynter, Moses
Paynter, Peter
Paynter, Richard
Paynter, Thomas
Paynter, Wm
Peters, Thomas
Phillips, Waymoth
Polk, Wm
Pollett, James
Prettyman, Comfort
Prettyman, Jacob
Prettyman, James
Prettyman, Perry
Prettyman, Shepard S
Prettyman, Shepard
Prettyman, Thomas
Ragley, Wm
Rhoades, Caesar
Rhoades, John
Rhoads, Kenmon
Riccords, Elisha
Riccords, Ezekiel
Riccords, Isaac
Riccords, James
Riccords, Levi
Riccords, Mitchel
Riccords, Samuel
Ricords, Thomas
Rodney, Caleb
Rodney, Daniel
Rodney, John
Rodney, Thomas
Rogers, Luke
Rowe, Fredrick
Rowland, John
Rowland, Thomas
Russell, Wm
Saunders, John
Saunders, Thomas
Saunders, Wm
Shankland, David
Shankland, Joseph
Shankland, Rhoads
Skilling, Jeremiah
Smith, Hugh
Spry, Christopher
Steel, Ebenezer
Steel, Isaac
Steel, Joshua
Steel, Wm
Stephenson, David
Stephenson, David
Stephenson, James
Stephenson, Joseph
Stockley, Jacob
Strong, Archibald
Summers, Cyrus
Swing, Brinkley
Thompson, James, pilot (mulatto)
Thompson, James
Thompson, John
Thurston, Elisabeth
Turner, Isaac
Verdin, Lydia
Verdin, Mitchell
Verdin, Thomas
Walker, David
Waples, Joseph
Waples, Peter
Waples, Wolsey
Ware, John
Warrington, Heater
Warrington, Mosey
Warrington, Thomas
Webb, Sarah
West, Bailey A
West, Bailey A
West, Jacob
West, John M
West, Joseph C
West, Lewis
West, Wm (pilot)
Westley, George
Westly, Richard
White, Benjamin (tailor)
White, Doctor John
White, Jacob
White, Peter
White, Peter
White, Robert C
White, Wrixham
Wilson, James P
Wiltbank, Francis
Wiltbank, John
Wiltbank, Sarah
Wiltbank Cornelius
Wolfe, Daniel
Wolfe, Doctor John (heirs)
Wolfe, John M
Wolfe, Wm

1. Both lists embrace also all the taxables residing at Lewes.

Town of Lewes | List of Taxables | Sussex County

Source: History of Delaware, 1609-1888, Volume I, by J. Thomas Scharf, L. J. Richards & Company, Philadelphia, 1888.

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