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Seaford Hundred, List of Taxables, Sussex County, Delaware ~ 1840

Dr. Jeremiah R. Jackson bought of his father, in 1788, "Long Lot," as mentioned; and in 1792 warranted two hundred acres, and in 1794 "Venture" of twenty acres; in 1795 one hundred and seventy acres of "Jackson's Regulation," and December 11, 1795, he took out a patent for fifty-five acres between John Cannon's mill and Turtle Creek, originally surveyed for Levi Safford on Maryland warrant; in 1776, to John Baptist, called "Baptist Projection.'' Many subdivisions of these surveys and changes of ownership have taken place, some of the above families being no longer represented among the inhabitants of the hundred. In 1840 the taxables of the whole of Northwest Fork Hundred, which then included Seaford, were as follows:

Adams, Charles, of Roger
Adams, Charles
Adams, Eliza
Adams, Garrison
Adams, James
Adams, John R
Adams, Manlove
Adams, Peter
Adams, Roger, Jr
Adams, Roger
Adams, Wm
Allen, Jacob
Allen, John
Allen, Major W
Allen, Robert
Anderson, Wm
Andrew, Ayer
Andrew, Barton
Andrew, John
Andrew, Wm H
Atkinson, Govid

Barwick, Elijah
Barwick, James
Barwick, John C
Basman, Revil
Bell, Wm S
Benston, Henry
Benston, John W
Blades, Capt Wm
Blades, Edward W
Blades, James
Boaton, Solomon (mill)
Bobine, Susanna
Boston, Chas
Bradley, Eli
Bradley, Isaac
Bradley, Thomas
Brady, Robert H
Broadaway, Robert
Brown, Anderson
Brown, Daniel
Brown, Francia
Brown, Huett
Brown, Hugh
Brown, James
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John A
Brown, John C
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Sinai
Brown, Thomas (farmer)
Brown, Thomas T
Brown, Thomas
Brown, Wm
Brown, Wm (hatter)
Bullock, John
Bullock, Nathl
Bullock, Thomas
Burch, Henry M
Butler, Thos
Butler, Wm

Caid, John
Campbell, John F
Cannon, and Jacob
Cannon, Bayard
Cannon, Clement
Cannon, Daniel
Cannon, Elijah
Cannon, Emerson N
Cannon, Hewitt
Cannon, Hudson
Cannon, Isaac K
Cannon, Isaac
Cannon, Jacob
Cannon, Jeremiah
Cannon, John T
Cannon, John
Cannon, Joseph
Cannon, Josiah
Cannon, Levi, Jr
Cannon, Levi
Cannon, Lowder
Cannon, Mary
Cannon, Nelson A
Cannon, Nutter, Jr
Cannon, Nutter
Cannon, Peter R
Cannon, Peter
Cannon, Riadon R
Cannon, Stansbury
Cannon, Truston P
Cannon, Wingate
Cannon, Wm
Cannon, Wm M
Cannon, Wm N
Carroll, Isaac
Carroll, James
Carroll, John W
Carry, John
Cavender, John
Cheatham, Francis
Clarkson, Bayard
Clarkson, Daniel
Clarkson, Robert
Clifton, George
Coata, Wm
Collins, Jeremiah
Collins, Milton
Collison, Peter
Collison, Twiford
Conaway, Briockley
Conaway, Wm
Conwell, David
Corbin, Stephen
Cottingham, Alfred
Cottingham, John
Coulbourn, Edward
Coulbourn, Elijah
Coulbourn, Esekiel
Coulbourn, James
Coulbourn, Jeremiah
Coulbourn, John L
Coulbourn, John
Coulbourn, Thos
Coulbourn, Thos J
Cranor, Benedick
Cranor, Chas
Cubbage, Samuel
Curry, Bayard
Curry, James
Curry, Wm

Darby, James
Davis, Richard
Dawson, Bayard
Dawson, Hosea
Dawson, Prudence
Dawson, Zebadiah
De Shields, Chas
Dean, Chas
Dickinson, Henry
Dickinson, Warren
Downing, Jas
Downing, Jonathan
Downs, Wm
Dulaney, Wm W
Dunn, Asure
Dutton, James M

Early, Wm
Edgen, Mary
Edgen, Wm
Elinsworth, George
Elligood, John S
Elligood, Wm (mill)

Fleetwood, Isaac a
Fleetwood, Pumal T
Fleetwood, William
Flggs, William T
Flowers, Charles
Flowers, Owen
Flowers, Wesley
Fornett, Jacob
Fountain, Anderson
Fountain, Zebadiah P
Frame, George
Frampton, Solomon

Gibbons, Arcada
Gibbons, Washington M
Goslin, James M
Goslin, John
Green, George W
Green, Jesse
Green, Thomas A
Grey, Ann
Grey, Thomas
Griffith, William

Hall, David
Hall, George K
Handy, Samuel L
Harris, William E
Hatfield, Zachariah
Hazzard, Rhodes
Hazzard, William
Hellon, George A
Hickman, John
Higman, John
Higmeet, Collison
Higmeet, Elijah
Higmeet, John
Hines, Thomas
Hines, William
Hitch, Clement
Hitch, Henry
Hobbs, Cropper
Hobbs, Solesbury
Hollis, Charles
Hollis, Frisby
Hollis, Silas
Holt, Daniel
Holt, John
Honey, Bevil
Hooper, Elizabeth
Hooper, Hicks D
Hopkins, Henry L
Hopkins, Robert
Hopkins, Samael
Horsey, Josiah O
Horsey, Nathaniel
Horsey, William B
Houston, Robert A
Houston, Robert
Howard, Jesse
Hubbard, William T
Hudson, Benjamin
Hughes, Whitefield

Jacobs, Curtis
Jacobs, James M
Jacobs, Sandballa
Jacobs, Stanbury
Jacobs, Thomas
Jacobs, William
Jefferson, Warren
Jenkins, Isaac
Jesler, Daniel
Jesler, Isaac
Jesler, Jacob
Johnson, Josiah
Jones Zachariah
Jones, Henry
Jones, Isaac
Jones, John, Jr
Jones, John, Sr
Jones, Mathias
Jones, Waitman
Jones, William

Kelley, Joseph,
Kinder, Daniel B
Kinder, Isaac
Kinder, Jacob
Kinder, John
Kinder, Owen
Kinder, Warren,
Kinney, Ebey

Lankford, Littleton
Lawrence, Richard
Laws, James
Laws, John
Laws, Mary B
Laws, Samuel
Laws, Wm
Layton, Burton
Layton, Clement
Layton, Pumal,
Ledenham, Wm
Lednum, Joseph
Lednum, Silas
Lednum, Thomas
Lewis, Stephen
Linch, Beniah
Linch, David
Linch, Noah
Linch, Wm
Lingol, John
Little, Henry
Lord, Lewis

Martin, Hugh Captain
Marvel, Abraham
Marvel, James W
Marvel, Perry
Marvel, Wm
Maston, Holsey
Masten, Wm
McCollister, James
McCuleny, Wm
McNeilly, Jeremiah
Mellcan, Thomas
Messick, Edward
Messick, Wm
Miller, John
Minor, Pitkin
Moore, Elijah
Moore, Ephraim
Moore, James
Moore, James
Moore, Wm
Morgan, Charles H
Morgan, Dr Wm
Morgan, James H
Morgan, James
Morns, John M
Morris, Constantine
Morris, David
Morris, David
Morris, Edward
Morris, Elias
Morris, Gannon
Morris, Hezekiah
Morris, Jeremiah
Morris, Peter
Morris, Silas
Morris, Wm M
Murphy, Noah
Murphy, Wm

Neal, Aaron D
Neal, Eliza
Neal, Isaiah
Neal, Jacob
Neal, John W
Neal, John
Neal, Joseph
Neal, Samuel
Neal, Wm
Needham, Wm
Nichols, James H
Nichols, Jeremiah
Nichols, Joseph
Nichols, Thomas H
Nichols, Wm
Noble, Charles
Noble, James
Noble, Sarah
Noble, Solomon
Noble, Thomas
Noble, Wm
Nox, Samuel,

Obier, Isaac
Obier, Jesse
Obier, Joshua
Oday, Owen
Oday, Wm
Oldfield, Warren L
Osbourn, Joseph

Pennewell, David
Pennowell, Albert
Pennowell, Nancy
Penton, Wm D
Peters, Charles
Phillips, Thomas I
Phillips, Tiras S
Pitts, Zachariah, Esq
Polk, James
Polk, John
Polk, Robert
Polk, Wm
Polk, Wm O
Powell, Wm
Pratt, George
Prettyman, Asbury W
Prettyman, Ebenezar P
Prettyman, Jacob W
Prettyman, James H
Prettyman, Joel
Prettyman, John
Prettyman, Ralph D

Boss, Wm
Read, Ezekiel
Read, Henry
Read, Jacob
Read, Wm
Reddin, Ellen
Reddin, James L
Reddin, John
Rees, Curtis L
Richards, Edward
Richards, John
Richards, Thomas M
Ricords, John T
Ricords, Thomas, Sr
Ricords, Whiting W
Roach, Wm
Robinson, John
Robinson, Mitchell
Robinson, Shadrack
Robinson, Wm F
Rogers, Wm E
Rose, Freeman
Rose, Wm
Ross, Edward M
Ross, Henry,
Rust John
Rust Priscilla
Rust, Clement
Rust, James
Rust, Jeremiah
Rust, Peter N

Sadler, Dr John R
Satterfield, Archibald
Scott, Curtis
Scott, Erin
Scott, John
Sedgwick, John
Shiles, Wm
Shockley, Levin P
Shockley, Wm P
Simpson, Benjamin
Simpson, John
Simpson, Samuel
Simpson, Wm M
Smith, David
Smith, John
Smith, Major
Smith, Nicholas O
Smith, Wesley
Smith, Wm
Smith, Wm W
Sorder, John
Sordin, Alex P
Sordin, James
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, John
Spicer, Elzy
Stafford, Andrew
Stayton, Amos
Stephens, Isaac W
Stephens, Wm
Stokley, Benjamin
Stokley, Jobe
Stuart, James
Stuart, Michael
Stuart, Michael
Stuart, Wm
Sudler, Joseph B
Swain, Wm
Swiggate, Wm H

Taylor, Elias
Taylor, John
Taylor, Thomas
Tennant, James
Tharp, Wm
Thompson, Thomas
Todd, David
Todd, Henry
Todd, James,
Todd, Levin
Todd, Wm
Towers, Thomas
Trutt, Samuel
Tull, Andrew
Tull, Peter
Tull, Robert
Tull, Samuel
Tull, Wm
Twiford, Allen
Twiford, John H
Twiford, Wm

Vessels, Wm H
Vickers, John A
Vickers, Nathan
Victor, Wesley
Viland, Andrew
Viland, James
Viland, Jason
Virden, Albert

Wallace, Henry
Wallace, Thos
Waller, Winder
Watkins, Josiah
Watkins, Thomas
Watson, George W
Watson, Joseph
Webb, Wm
Welch, George
Wells, Edward L
White, Geo P & Co (Mills)
White, George P
White, Joseph
White, Thomas
White John W
Willen, Charles
Willen, Isaac
Willen, Levin
Willey, Cannon
Willey, John
Willey, Loxley
Willey, Nathaniel
Willey, Nehemiah
Willey, Theodore
Williams, Alfred
Williams, George W
Williams, Newton
Williams, Noble
Williams, Planner
Williams, Townsend
Williamson, Wm
Willson, John
Willson, Wm B
Wilson, James
Wilson, Theodore J
Wilson, Wm B, Esq
Wingate, Elijah
Wingate, Gannon
Wingate, Hezekiah
Winright, John M
Winsor, James
Winsor, John
Winsor, John
Wright, Charles
Wright, Henry
Wright, Isaac
Wright, Jacob
Wright, James
Wright, Lewis N
Wright, Turpin

Seaford Hundred | Sussex County

Source: History of Delaware, 1609-1888, Volume I, by J. Thomas Scharf, L. J. Richards & Company, Philadelphia, 1888.

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