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Assessment List, Pencader Hundred, New Castle County, Delaware 1798

The population steadily increased, and in 1798 the following names were on the assessment list as taxables:

Matthew Aiken, Esq
Robert Armstrong's est
George Adams
Eleanor Alexander
Robert Allen
William Adair's est
James Alexander
Andrew Allison
John Anderson
Daniel J Adams est
Samuel Allen
James Austin
Nicholas Ash
Sarah Armitage's est
David Austin
Arch Abercrombie
Stephen Augustus
Charles Allen's est
Jacob Allen
James Boulden, Jr
Stephen Biddle
Richard Boulden
Thos Boulden, Jr
Elijah Boulden's est
Jesse Boulden
Jacob Below's est
James Baker
Isaac Bailley
John L Beard's est
James Beard
James Brady
William Banker
Daniel Brison
Barnabas Brooks
Jonathan Booth's est
Henry Bassett
John Bowen's est
William Blacke
Benjamin Boyd
Margaret Black
Thomas Bradley
John Bogg's est
Thomas Bryans
Zebulon Basten
Benj Barvard's est
Bouldin Biddle
Benjamin Bratton
Elisha Boulden
Nathan Boulden
James Boulden, Sr
Thomas Boulden, Sr, est
Levi Boulden
Nicholas Belveal
Isaac Brannon
Samuel Bradey
Stout Buckhanan
Joseph Blacke
Samuel Biddle
George Blaney
Patterson Cantwell
John Crouch's est
John Cruson
Benjamin Cooche
Samuel Cowen
John Cowen
Daniel Cooche
John Conner
John Clark
William Chestnut
John Carter
Ann Conn
Jared Chestnut
Andrew Carrey
Jean Curlett
Lewis Curlett
James Curlett
John Cavender
George Chapman
Patrick Coulter
John Cuddy
William Cooch, mills, est
William Curlett
Edward Cartey
David Culbertson
John Culbertson
John Cirgin
Edward Cordon
Alexander Cavenoor
Henry Clark
Joseph Couthrin
John Crawford
Wm Camblin
James Cooche
John Daman's est
John Cambell
Jacob Cazier
Michael Cambell
Wm Chealy
Wm Dunlap
Ann Dawson
Joseph David est
Archibald Doughley's est
Mary Dawson
Elisha David
Joshua David
Zachariah Derrickson
David Daries' est
Benjamin Daries' est
Wm Daries
Charles Devin
John Ellis
Joel Evans
Francis L Evans
Frederick Elsberry
Benjamin Elsberry
Howell Evans
Richard Evans
Isaac Evans' est
Jenkin Evans
Elizabeth Evans
John English
Thomas Evans' est
Peter Evans' est
James Faries
John Ford
Wm Faries
Jacob Faries, Jr
John Furies
John Freeman
Jacob Faries
Andrew Fisher, mills, etc
George Glanton
John Quinn
Griffith Griffith's est
Richard Groves
Andrew Garretson
Richard Garretson
Benjamin Griffith
Robert Guthrey
Samuel Glenn's est
Thomas Glenn
James Gallaher
James Griffith
John Griffith
Richard Griffith
Samuel Guthrey
Richard Griffith, Jr
David Higgins' est
Benjamin Hugg
John Homes
Wm Hickey
Wm Henderson's est
Job Harvey's est
Joseph Hagins
Samuel Huggins
Thomas Henderson's est
John Hutton
John Holland
Wm W Hazlet
Wm Haughey's est
Spencer Hukill
David Howell's est
Sarah Howell
Oliver R Howell
Clam Harred
Wm Hamilton
Isaac Hill
George Homes
Peter Hossinger
Isaac Holland
Andrew Hutton
Alexander Harrison
Francis Haughey's est
Robert Haughey's est
Anna Haughey
John Hyatt Esq est
John Jack
Daniel Jeams est
Christopher James
James James est
John James
Elisha James
William James' est
Benjamin D Jackson
John T Jackson
Jacob Jackson's est
Wm Johnson
Evan Jones
Samuel James
Enoch Jones' est
Shem James
Tamer James
Jacob Jenkins
Morgan, Jones, mills, &c
Henry Kimble
Thos Kelley
William Kelley
James Kinkead
Wm Kinkead
Jesse Kinkead
Benjamin King's est
James Kanedy
Andrew Karr's est
Andrew Knox
Philip Levies' est
Moses Levies' est
James Linley's est
Joseph Lockhart
John Laws
Wm Linsey
Joseph Lewis
John McCormick
Alexander Moody
Wm McCombes
Richard McClura
James McHellom
John Mason
James McKinsey
Samuel McCombes
Elijah McCreas' est
Sweesey McCandless' est
Wm McCommens
Robert McAntler's est
George McCandless
Hance Miller
John Meginn
James Murry
John Moore's est
Alexander McDaniel's est
Neal McNeil
Thomas Moore
Wm Morrison
John Mullen
Wm McMullen
Peter Mullett
Alexander McCall
Benjamin Morgan's est
Thos Miller
Samuel Miller
Wm Moore (farmer)
John Muldroch
Wm Moore
Wm Millegan
James McMullen
Robert McMullen
Thomas McMullen
Alexander Moore's est
Archibald Morton
David McMecken's est
Walter McClelland
Edward McCelland
Rebecca Moore
Alexander Megahey
Samuel McIntire
Robert Moody's est
Robert Middleton
Wm Millegan, Sr
Thomas Morrow
Wm Nielson
Sarah Owens
Nimrod Pennington
James Panteney
John Pennington's est
Robert Pennington
Benjamin Pennington
Wm Price
James Price
Stephen Price
John Porter, mills, etc
Jacob Pritchard
John Pritchett's est
Thomas Pritchett
James Primes
Joshua Pensey
John Patton
John Parnall
Nathan Persons' est
James Powell
Wm Porter
Sarah Price
Sarah Price's est
Joseph Patterson
Hugh Powers
William Price's est
John Robinson
John Rogers
Charles Relly
Hugh Russell's est
James Reaper
William Robinson
John Robinson (miller)
James Robinson
Anthony Roab
John Reed's est
John Redman
William Ryan
Aaron Ress, mills, est
Thomas Recce's est
John Sturgis
William Simonton's est
Francis Smith
William Smith
James Snow
Chud Sharp
Robert Smith
William See
Benjamin Stanton
Dunevan Spencer
Benjamin Stewart,
Nathaniel Sinapes
John Stuart
Abraham Short's est
Jacob Stewart
Hugh Smith's est
Samuel Sharpe
Uriah Slake
Robert Shields' est
Stephen Stanton
James Smith
Charles Stewart
John Shakespear
David Sebo
Thomas Smith's est
John Simonton's est
Isaiah Johnson
Robert Smith
John Stewart
Richard Thompson's est
David Townsend
Ephraim Thompson's est
Sarah Thompson's est
David Thomas' est
Thomas Townalay
John Tate
John Tate, Jr
Lattice Taylor
William Thomas' est
Joseph Thomas
Thomas Thomas est
Richard Thomas' est
John Thomas est
John Taylor
Alexander Thomson
David Tweedy
Jean Thompson
James Thompson
Quillea Thomas est
William Taylor's est
Nathan Underwood
Samuel Underwood's est
Solomon Underwood
Philip Vansandt
Alexander Vail
John Vail
Thomas Vail
Asa Vansandt
Peter Williams
Lewis Wattson
William Whann
William Watson
William Willes
John Watson's est
James Wamock
Roger Williams
James Wattson
Abraham Willson
Joseph Waggoner
David Wamock,
Alexander Walker's est
Robert Wattson
Isaac Williams
John Willson
Thomas Weir
Thomas Williams
John Warner
Mathew Willson

At the time of his death, in 1791, Mr. Cooch was the owner of eight hundred and fifty acres and one hundred and forty-two perches of laud in the Welsh Tract. This property was divided among his heirs, and the larger part of it has descended and is now in the possession of William and J. Wilkins Cooch. The old forge, erected in connection with the "Abbington Iron Works," is on land owned by them. Among the papers of Thomas Cooch was found an assessment list of Pencader Hundred, with the amount of tax paid by each person. The Assessment List 1791, was made by Thos. James, and contained the following names and amounts:

Richard Thomas 22
John Wattson 18
Thomas Cooch 22
Thomas James 22
James Jones 18
Nathaniel Evans 22
David John 18
Daniel Howell 12
David Rees 8
David John (smith) 8
John Williams 12
Nathaniel Williams 22
John David (cooper) lo
Rachel Griffith (widow) 8
John Elder 10
John Porter 10
James Read 12
William Moore 8
David Davies H
David Barr 20
David Hutton 10
John Lattimore 8
John Mitchell 12
James Pierson 8
John Thomas 15
Enoch Morgan 10
Daniel Oborn 16
John Steel 14
John Griffith 8
Thomas Wilson 10
Thomas Rees 10
James Anderson 20
Phillip Grimes 10
James Grimes 8
William Williams. 10
Robert Stewart 10
John Hill; 8
Jane David (widow) 8
Alexander Fairis 12
Robert Joseph 8
Simon James 22
Rees Jones's estate 12
Ezekiel Deniston 8
Thomas James, J r 8
Mary Evans (widow) 8
John Henderson 10
Benjamin Underwood 14
Alexander Porter 10
John Crafford 8
William Fairis, Jr 15
Richard Griffith 20
John Davies 16
David Evans 10
John McWhorter 10
John Fairis 12
Denis David (widow) 10
Moris Morgan 10
Thomas Williams 20
David Thomas 10
Benjamin Evans 8
Joseph Moore 8
John Griffith 10
Thomas Lewis 14
Howel Williams 14
John Miller 14
Francis Alexander 8
William Fairis 10
William Addear 10
Hugh Haughey 6
Joseph Thomas 18
Thomas Thomas 16
John Evans 8
Henry Rowland 10
David Rowland 8
David Howels 14
James McSparence 8
John Brown (weaver) 8
James Brefford 8
Daniel Griffiths 8
Thomas Wattson 8
Joseph Holland 8
Joseph Oborn 8
Morris Evans 8
Thomas Coleman 8
David James 8
James Fairis. 8
Jonathan John 8
William Lewellu 8
Darby McDade 8
Mickel Law 6
Samuel Ekins 8
Edward Gin 8
John Brown 8
Adam Barr 8
Andrew Boyde 10
John Stewart 8
Hugh Stewart 8
Tobyas Burk 8
David Thomas 10
Daniel Jones 18
John Gofforth 8
Morgan Jones lo
Jenet Davies (widow) 8
John Ladly 8
Sidney Jonson 8
John Stewart 8
William Road 8
Hugh Stewart 8
Jeremiah Ryne 8
William Quigley 8
Jacob John 8
William McMechan 8
William Price 8
James Price 8
John Ladly 8
David Anderson 8
John Carney 8
Alexander Robinson 8
William Wilson 8
Morris Williams 10
David John 8

New Castle County

Source: History of Delaware, 1609-1888, Volume I, by J. Thomas Scharf, L. J. Richards & Company, Philadelphia, 1888.

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